Global manufacturer of micro-optics,
micro cameras and micro systems


For over 25 years we have developed, produced,
and assembled high precision micro-optics for partners
in industries from medical to aerospace.


Micro Cameras
and Vision Systems


• Over 20 off-the-shelf models and infinite custom options
• Up to 8 MP resolution
• High precision optics for optimum picture quality
• Simple plug and play - works with any OS or existing system


Micro Optics


• High-precision micro optical elements
• Customized micro prisms from 0.3 mm
• Optically contacted elements suitable for high-power laser
• Key applications: endoscopes, laser systems and
  measuring devices


Optical Coatings


• Customized thin-film optics from 0.3 mm
• Plasma-ion assisted evaporation
• Coating service for provided substrates
• Manufacturing of a wide range of coating types with high


Assemblies and Systems


• Opto-mechanical assemblies
• Fully tailored systems design and assembly capabilities
• Specialized in manufacturing and assmebly of OEM-modules
• Designing and manufacturing special optic mounts

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