Complex Groups

made of optically contacted elements

  • made from prisms and plates which are optically contacted for generating complex shapes without glued connections
  • no adhesives and by that no influences of adhesives to the precision, stability and optical function
  • complex optical groups with highest precision and surface quality as well as with acurate sharp edges for high-power laser and imaging applications
  • customized step-mirrors

typical applications

  • high-power diode laser
  • fiber laser / laser isolators
  • diode stacks
  • beam-shaping or beam-homogenization

Cemented Components and Optical Groups

made of prisms, lenses, wedges, windows, plates and fibers

  • compact prisms and cemented prism groups
  • compact objectives made of lenses and prisms
  • complex functional modules made of aligned components on support parts of glass
  • micro optics mounted on fiber ends
  • beam-splitter and beam-coupler
  • RGB splitter / coupler
  • filter stacks
  • light-tunnel for homogenizing laser diodes and LEDs (from less than 3 mm to approx. 100 mm in length)

typical applications

  • endoscopy optics
  • miniaturized imaging systems
  • medical and industrial lasers
  • fiber-optical probes
  • optical magnetometers
  • light-integration and light-coupler units
  • polarizers