As a partner for the development and optimization of components and assemblies, we often support customers in the development stage in order to generate optics which can be cost-efficiently manufactured and precisely assembled. We also offer the design and manufacture of special optics holders, with which we then connect optics and deliver pre-aligned units for an easier integration into customers' systems.

For building up complex systems, we can use a wide range of capabilities in the fields of assembling, joining and testing technologies. We agree with our customers critical caracteristics and individual procedures for processing, inspection and the use of special testing equipment in order to ensure that the products have optimal characteristics according to customers' requirements.

Mounted optics and micro optics pre-aligned to mechanical holders

designing and manufacturing mounts for optics and micro optics

precise pre-alignment and mounting of miniaturized components

Optical and opto-mechanical assemblies

e.g. miniaturized objectives, beam deflecting units, filter modules, beam-splitter and beam-combiner units

Customized systems and OEM modules

made of optical and mechanical components, fibers, imaging sensors, LEDs, actuators and other elements

Typical Applications


Medical Technology

Laser Systems

Sensor Systems

Illumination Systems