Optical coatings on glass and selected polymers

  • complete thin-film optics
  • coating service for customers' optics


For developing individual coating designs(which are often essential for optical components), we use modern software and the outstanding experiences of our experts in order to generate optimal solutions for the applications of our customers.

The coatings will be generated by plasma-ion-assisted processes using latest equipment. This technology enables us to produce optical coatings with improved characteristics in terms of optical performance and long-term durability. In addition, the use of this plasma-ion-assisted technology can minimize the temperatures during the processes and thus the thermal stress on the substrates. This is particularly important for coating such sensitive micro optics.

coating design

process development

individual processes

serial production

coating types

  • AR-coatings
  • metallic mirrors
  • HR-coatings (dielectric mirrors)
  • filter coatings
  • beam-splitter coatings
  • polarizer coatings
  • special coatings for endoscopy optics