Optikron was founded in 1992 in the optics and technology region of Jena and has specialized in the production and development of micro-optics, complex optical assemblies and subsystems, thin-film optics and optical coatings. As well Optikron is a system partner for development and manufacturing of complex optical, opto-mechanical and micro-optical assemblies and systems. Because of our technological capabilities and our know-how Optikron is often partner in R&D projects with customers and also in joint projects with other companies, universities and institutes for the development of technologies and complex systems for high-end applications.

Our technical capabilities, competent specialists, high efficiency and flexibility enable us to turn out products of consistently high accuracy.

The basis for our efficient and flexible production of customized micro optics with excellent accuracy is a specially developed technology concept. By that we are not limited to standard sizes or standard geometries and can generate optics optimally tailored to customers’ needs. Optical glass and fused silica are processed and coated with highest precision from raw glass block up to finished optics and micro-optics. By various contacting processes we generate very complex multi-element optics, which are often used for laser applications. Special assembling technologies enable us to manufacture complex modules and miniaturized systems made of optics, fibers, mechanics and electrical components like sensors and LED's.

We are serving customers all over the world with our products which are mainly used in fields of medical technology, measuring technology, lasers and micro laser systems, sensor systems, optical data transmission and aerospace industry. To correspond to future requirements our technological basis is constantly being expanded and further developed.

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R&D project FEMAGO started
Optikron has started a joint research project with Leibniz-IPHT, GJB GmbH, Supracon AG and the University hospital in Jena. Within the project, optically pumped magnetometers for medical application will be investigated. The European Union funds the project in the frame of its EFRE funds.