Assemblies and Systems


Optikron is also a competent partner for manufacturing and assembling of OEM-modules and customized systems. Because of outstanding know-how and experiences, Optikron is also partner for development, design and optimization of components, assemblies and systems as well. We are often involved already in early project stages to support in designing efficiently producible and precisely mountable optics. We also offer designing and manufacturing special optics mounts and alignment of optics to these mounts. So we optionally can deliver pre-assembled modules optimized for easier integration in customer’s systems. We can use a wide spectrum of capabilities for generating modules and assemblies optimal tailored to customers needs.




Mounted Optics and Micro Optics

 •  designing and manufacturing of mechanical mounts for
    optics and micro optics

 •  alignment and assembly of mounted optics

Mounted Optics and Micro-Optics




Optical and Opto-Mechanical Assemblies

 •  miniaturized objectives, deflection units, filter modules,
    filter wheels, light guide units, beam-splitter
    and -combiner modules

Optical and Opto-Mechanical Assemblies




Customized Systems

 •  built of optics, mechanics, fibers, imaging sensors, LED's,
    actuators and other types of components

Assembling of customized systems