Multi-Element Optics


Optical Groups (optical contacted)

 •  made of prisms and thin plates by
    wringing them together into optical contact

 •  complex optics of very high precision, with accurately sharp
    edges, useable for high power applications

 •  composite optical elements (arrays) for high power diode

 •  customized step-mirrors

Optical Groups optical contacted 1

Optical Groups optical contacted 2


typical applications:

high power diode lasers

diode stacks

beam shaping

beam homogenization

fiber coupling



Optical Groups (cemented)

 •  made of single optics which are
    cemented together by UV-hardening or 2-component     adhesives

 •  compact-prisms and cemented prism groups

 •  micro optics mounted on fibers

 •  beamsplitter groups down to 0.5 mm

 •  rgb-splitter/-combiner (more...)

 •  deflection optics made of prisms and lenses
    (compact objectives)

 •  filter stacks

 •  light tunnel for homogenization (with a length from smaller
    than 3 mm up to approx. 120 mm)

Optical Groups cemented 1

Optical Groups cemented 2


typical applications:

endoscopy optics

medical devices

beam splitter groups


integrated optics

light integrators

beam coupler