Optical Coatings and Thin-Film Optics


Additionally to processing the coatings for our own micro-optics, we furthermore manufacture in this department complete customized thin-film optics and we offer coating services for customers' substrates. For generating optimal coatings, which are often essential for precision optics, we use our extensive experiences and modern software for developing customized coating designs tailored optimally to customers' application.
These coatings will be manufatured by plasma-ionen assisted evaporation processes in latest coating machines. The processes are generating coatings with improved characteristics an they allow the realization of a wide range of coating types with high optical performance. Additionally by these processes can be realized complex coatings with relatively low temperatures during the process. So the temperature stress for the substrates can be minimized. This is especially important for sensitive substrates and micro optics.


optical coatings image 1

optical coatings image 2


products and services:

antireflection coatings

metallic mirrors

high reflective coatings
(dielectric mirrors)


beam splitter

polarizing coatings

coatings for endoscopy optics